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TOUR SCHEDULE7.00 DEPARTURE FROM PIRAEUS PORT (GATE 9) with our luxurious high speed vessel “Champion Jet 1”. During the trip you will enjoy complementary juice and snack which is included in the tour.09.50 ARRIVAL IN MYKONOS. Travel along the wonderful, narrow white alleyways of Chora and enjoy shopping at the top brand stores. Delight in appreciating a relaxing coffee at the picturesque Little Venice. Visit the famous “Kato Milli” white windmills and photograph the magnificent view. These are just a few of the activities that you can embark on while visiting the capital of the island.15:00 DEPARTURE FROM THE NEW PORT OF MYKONOSMYKONOS The “Island of Wind” constitutes the premier summer destination in Greece and attracts the elite from around the world due to its glamour, cosmopolitan aura, amazing food and wondrous beaches. Here you are able to enjoy a truly five star experience with epic recreational activities and picturesque natural landscapes.CHORA The capital of Mykonos is designed according to the traditional Cycladic architectural style and truly astounds visitors with its narrow white alleyways and the blossoming Bougainvillea that decorate the balconies. We highly recommend you to visit the stone-paved neighborhoods as well as the most commercial road of the island, Matogianni, with its top brand stores and galleries.LITTLE VENICE  The most renowned and scenic area of Chora, with its beautiful and stylish 18th century Captain’s Houses. It is aptly named due to its multicolored balconies that are built literally on the edge of the sea and truly resembles  that architectural desing of Venice, Italy. There are several cafes and bars where you can relax, gaze the view, and taste the wonderful delicacies at the award-winning restaurants that are frequented by the stars of Hollywood.WINDMILLS The defining feather of the Mykonian landscape is located right next to the sea at the southeastern side of Chora. Visitors from around the world come here so as to photograph the wonderful sunset and to enjoy the dazzling view of the Aegean.PRICE: 105€     ( Includes: ferry tickets , transfer to city center r/t , ) Extra transfer service : 6€ r/t (  pick up points  :  Larissa metro station 05:45- Omonia 05:50-  Syntagma 06:00- Metro station Syggrou Fix 06:15)